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Toothbrush Extra Clean Colgate (3 uds)
Oral Irrigator Panasonic EWDJ10A503 0,165 L White Blue
Denture Plate Fixing Cream Polident (70 ml)
Adhesive Denture Pads Inferior Algasiv (18 uds)
Mouthwash Dientes & Encias Listerine (500 ml)
Mouthwash Menta Fresca Listerine (500 ml)
Toothpaste Natural Extracts Colgate (75 ml)
Toothpaste Protección Diaria Sensodyne (75 ml)
Mouthwash Nightly Reset Listerine (400 ml)
Adhesive Denture Pads Algasiv (30 uds)
Toothpaste Repair & Protect Sensodyne (75 ml)
Toothpaste Whitening 3d White Luxe Oral-B (75 ml)
Toothbrush Pro-expert Pulsar 35 Oral-B
Toothpaste Whitening 3d White Oral-B (75 ml)Toothpaste Whitening 3d White Oral-B (75 ml)
Toothpaste Herbal Original Colgate (75 ml)
Toothpaste Total Original Colgate (75 ml)
Tooth Whitening Pencil InnovaGoods (Pack of 2)Tooth Whitening Pencil InnovaGoods (Pack of 2)
Toothpaste Sensitive Gums 3d White Oral-B (75 ml)Toothpaste Sensitive Gums 3d White Oral-B (75 ml)
Toothpaste Protection Caries Colgate (75 ml)
Electric Toothbrush Cross Action Pro 2000n Oral-B
Toothpaste Binaca Yellow Binaca (2 pcs)
Enamel Strength Toothpaste 3d White Oral-B (75 ml)Enamel Strength Toothpaste 3d White Oral-B (75 ml)
Mouthwash Zero 0% ListerineMouthwash Zero 0% Listerine
Mouthwash Zero 0% Listerine
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Replacement Head Cross Action Oral-B (2 uds)
Electric Toothbrush Philips HX6231/08 Black
Toothpaste Green Close-up (75 ml)
Electric Toothbrush Philips HX8210/22 White
Mouthwash Listerine (2 pcs)
Oral Irrigator Solac ID7840 170 ml White
Toothpaste Whitening Pro-expert Oral-B (75 ml)
Mouthwash Complete Oral-B (500 ml)
Toothpaste Whitening Max White One Colgate (75 ml)
Mouthwash Total Care Sensitive Listerine (500 ml)
Toothbrush Zig Zag Colgate (3 uds)
Toothbrush Pro-expert Crossaction Oral-B
Fluoride toothpaste Pro-expert Oral-B (2 pcs)
Toothpaste Fuerza Esmalte Colgate (75 ml)
Replacement Head 3d White Pro-bright Oral-B (2 uds)
Anti-Stain Toothpaste 3d White Luxe Oral-B (2 uds)
Electric Toothbrush Pro 600 Cross Action Oral-BElectric Toothbrush Pro 600 Cross Action Oral-B
Toothpaste Complete Oral-B (2 uds)
Mouthwash Pro-expert Oral-B (2 uds)
Mouthwash Total Care Listerine (2 uds)

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